Hummer H1 Duramax Standalone Harnesses

Hummer H1 Duramax Standalone Harnesses


Our all new Duramax conversion harness includes a brand new harness made from scratch with completely new wires, terminals and connectors.  It can be configured for both LBZ and LMM drivetrains and includes a brand new OEM GM upper engine harness. This way your entire electrical system for your drivetrain is BRAND NEW!

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When Building your HMMWV or Hummer with a Duramax power-train, one of the most important tasks is getting a drivetrain harness built for proper operation of the drivetrain as well as interface with the instruments and other electronics that you will have in your vehicle.  Often the solution is to take your used harness and have it modified, but this usually means restoring and modifying a 10+ year old wiring harness that typically have environmental wear or just plain hard miles on it and may cause issues down the road.

XHP prides ourselves on building the highest quality H1/HMMWV components and complete vehicles so we have spent a lot of time and development creating the ultimate solution for your Duramax Powered Hummer.
We also pre-wire the harness for important inputs and outputs like:
-Speedo output
-Tach output
-Starter/Nuetral safety output
-Reverse light relay output
-Cruise control input
-4wd LOW input
-DSP-5 input
-Serial data (to interface our standalone T-case system)
We can also provide you with Custom Tuned modules for both the ECM and TCM built to your specs with calibrations guaranteed to make the most of your specific build configuration, via are sister company, Dmax Swap.
So don't wrestle with the salvage yards trying to find a decent uncut harness to repair or spending big money for a new OEM harness only to have to modify them, this harness is better quality than the OEM harness and already configured perfectly for your build!

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 in
ECM Tuning

Your send your module, We provide a used, tuned module, You've got it covered

TCM Tuning

Your send your module, We provide a used, tuned module, You've got it covered


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