XHP Hummer H1/HMMWV Brake Kit

XHP Hummer H1/HMMWV Brake Kit


This system bolts directly to the portal boxes and transfers all of the braking torque to the portal/spindle like all modern vehicles, it also provides larger Armor coated grade 8 hardware to strengthen the CV connection. It provides the necessary components for all 4 corners.

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H1 Hummers and Military HMMWVs are amazing vehicles, not only do they have awesome offroad features like Portal gear reduction hubs and 4 wheel independent suspension, but they also have an all aluminum body and an incredibly low center of gravity and roll center.  These features make these vehicles incredibly capable offroad! Of course in todays market with a host of high performance upgrades available for your offroad HMMWV or daily driver H1 Hummer, there are alot of options to add increased horsepower and torque to these vehicle to improve the on-road and offroad performance.  One drawback is the fact that these vehicles were never designed to have more than 200hp available from the drivetrain and they were not expected to exceed 65mph, therefore the OEM inboard braking system has always been sufficient.
Once you have added significantly more power to your H1 not only will you experience weaknesses in the driveline strength due to the brake configuration, but the braking performance at high speed is horrible and borders on un-safe...especially over 65mph.  Remember that although the inboard brake provide significant braking torque at low speed due to the multiplication through the portal box, they also rotate almost 2 times faster than a typical rotor at the wheel. The brake fade that can be experienced at over 65mph with a 10" rotor trying to stop a 37+" tire on a vehicle over 7000lbs can be pretty scary!
Our brake system was designed to not only strengthen the CV connection to the differential and eliminate the common failure point at the CV hardware, but also provide high performance stopping power for up to 15,000 lb vehicles at speeds in excess of 100mph!  Not only will this system amazing you at how much it improves the driving experience and safety but also improves the strength of your drivetrain so you can put some serious power to the wheels without breaking.
The kit includes massive Wilwwod 16" vented rotors and monster 6 piston calipers, but also comes with our precision machined Billet steel and aluminum brackets, stainless brake lines and the highest quality grade 8 high strength armor coated hardware. All of the components are coated for maximum corrosion protection and a lifetime of use.
No more jerking back and forth at stop lights, no more vibrations while driving, no more heart stopping brake fade, just amazing stopping performance and killer good looks.
We include everything an experienced mechanic needs to install the system and comes with detailed instructions as well our online installation video guide.  It is important that this system be installed by an experienced technician with only the best quality tools and procedures.
During install of this system is a good time to rebuild your portal boxes and install our locking spindle nuts or even the 12k shaft upgrade!
Note: This brake system requires a minimum 20" wheel diameter and approx. 1.25 caliper clearance.

Here is a list of the Features and Kit components:

  • TC6 Radial Mount Caliper
  • SRP Drilled Rotor
  • Brake Pads
  • New Wheel Studs
  • Rotor Hat To Rotor Hardware
  • Caliper Bracket Hardware to Portal
  • Caliper Hardware to Portal adapter
  • Caliper Adapter Studs
  • Caliper Adapter Nuts for studs
  • 1/2" NPT Plug
  • Portal Box Mount
  • Caliper Bracket
  • Rotor Hat
  • Hard Brake Lines
  • Brake Hose-end mount tab
  • Brake Hose clips
  • Button Head Cap Screws
  • CV Spacer
  • Shims & washers

B & A Brake Test

Stock Hummer H1 braking tests compared to the Portal Box Big Brake Kit by XHP for 1992-2006 H1 Hummers.

1998 Hummer H1 HMCO
6.5 Turbo diesel 4l80e trans
40”x 15.5”x 20” tires
8000+ lb curb weight
65mph emergency stop

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 in
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